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Original Name: Demolition

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: 8 April 2016


Cast: , ,


Demolition is an obvious deconstructionist film that is all the better for its excellent cast. I was expecting to not like this film very much because of my preconceptions based on the trailer. True, much of it is given away in the trailer, but the trailer doesn’t really do the emotional impact of this film justice. This film is a deconstruction of American male masculinity. Gyllenhaal is, of course, our primary protagonist and represents the “American Dream” that has taken itself for granted for the past 60 years. Judah Lewis represents the modern form of masculinity in all of it’s plethora of manifestations. He has a very quick arc, but his character does suggest something very progressive in the past two decades of gender studies and masculinity. Watts’ character is a mess and does a constant balancing act with the various problem scenarios, serving as a lynch-pin to the neuroses of the male characters. Gyllenhaal’s deceased wife is merely the catalyst for questioning one’s role in every aspect of everyone’s existence, as opposed to the impetus for all actions that lead to some form of catharsis. I hear a lot of talk about cliche going on here. About the only cliche you will find is the extensive usage of classic rock in the soundtrack. If you can’t get over that, then go watch watch another comic book movie, you nitwit, hack of a film critic.