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Original Name: Deliverance

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 30 July 1972


Cast: , ,


Adventurers Lewis animated his friend Ed and his pals Bobby and Drew to a common canoe trip. Far from their homeland are trying to prove their manhood on wild Cahulawassee in Georgia, the city dwellers. Additional incentive is the fact that on the verge of flooding through the construction of a dam the torrential river and its idyllic surroundings. Despite some rapids excursion into the cool water first runs without incident. Any campfire however faded when Ed and Bobby, who had moved away from Lewis’ boat meet on the banks of two depraved hillbillies. Despite his attempts at appeasement Ed is tied to a tree and forced to watch as Bobby is brutally raped. And Ed should be forced to oral sex, Lewis shoots with his bow one of the Hillbillies. Its companion to escape the heat of battle. Despite opposition from Drew decide the men to bury the slain attackers not to report the incident to the local authorities and to continue the life-threatening.