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Original Name: Deadpool

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 12 February 2016


Cast: , ,


Deadpool succeeds in breaking the comic book formula with dramatic and exciting results. Ryan Reynolds’ gleeful and profane performance is the star of the show. The film lives up to the hype as a subversive self-deprecating dissection of the comic book genre, filtered through a relentless adult centered lens. The jokes and gags are often ham fisted and over the top in just the right measure. Deadpool pushes the outer limits of outlandish, but it surprisingly works. It is sure to be often imitated and seldom replicated, the mark of a fanatic film. Overall, immensely fun and worth seeing. Director Tim Miller ascends from the simplest routine there is in the foreseeable solo movie gallery to reproduce an abruptly irreverent consequence of tremendously anticipated humor and heavily action packed confrontations using a suitably twisted mechanism from origin to showdown which seems up, down, away, or afar, yet something slightly more than meets the eye. Deadpool has super power, but it’s not a super hero, he looks for selfish goals but this treat ends making him relatable. Full of humor, this movie is something different in the super hero genre landscape. This is the movie the comic deserved. Ryan Reynolds redeemed himself as a superheroe. Probably the best work so far from Fox (about comics). Funny from the beggining to end.