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Das Boot

Original Name: Das Boot

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 10 February 1982


Cast: , ,


Europe in 1941: The Second World War is out on the high seas with bitter hardship. Order German submarines are to break the supply lines of the British. After a final celebration, it is also for the crew of U-96 again time to go hunting. The war correspondent Lieutenant Werner to report on the growing morale of the men on board, but soon he must revise his ideas about life on board: For a long time there instead of glorious battles only boredom and bullying. However, when there is the first contact with the enemy, the ugly face of war is disclosed. Castaways are mercilessly left to the waves, water bombs damage the submarine difficult. The commander, which is known to everyone as just “the old man”, makes decisions that are critical to the survival of the crew – but they are the right decisions?