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Daddy’s Home

Original Name: Daddy's Home

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 25 December 2015


Cast: , ,


“Daddy’s Home” stars Will Ferrell as a middle aged stepfather trying to get close to his two stepchildren. However, the aloof biological father, played by Mark Wahlberg, calls one evening telling Ferrell that he is going to show up to see the kids. Wahlberg has ulterior motives to get back into his kids’ lives and the two go toe to toe in a testosterone battle trying to one up the other. I thought most of the jokes worked but that Ferrell is more of a seasoned comedian and can gird his loins better. Many scenes are stupid but I didn’t think this movie was terrible. I could relate to a lot of the pathos in the movie and Ferrell holds his own as a lead pretty well. This movie is middle of the road but it is a passable comedy. So tired of critics trying to review silly comedies. It’s a waste of time! If you like Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg, you will find this movie entertaining enough. I took my family of five to see this move and everyone loved it. We all laughed, and were solidly entertained for a couple of hours. I loved the over the top plugs for Ford. Great entertainment! Critics, put away your negativity and go and enjoy life for a little while. This movie felt a lot longer than it really was. It was long, and stretched out with occasional laughs thru out. I kept wondering when they were going to come to the decline to move up to the climax/resolution. It felt like forever. The last 15 minutes were hilarious.