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Chosen 2016

Original Name: Chosen

Genre: Drama, War

Release Date: 2 August 2016


Cast: , ,


Mukhtar Championship entity Cameron, the young man who is acting a little as a caregiver for her niece, Angie while trying his older sister to support the fight for the abuse, a combination of other family members such as his grandfather catatonic grandmother bedridden loss unemployed uncle Joey’s mother Cameron. As far as I mentioned do not play as much of the spirit of the story (outside Cameron and Angie), but we will go only with what we have and what we have is the same demon has recently added Angie (backstory hold another Brady irony) strains symbols. In any case, little Angie now this demon attached to it is one of the hotel guests do not come for the just, and Cameron learn from one of the same as the previous trial, the survivors if it starts relatives allows you to save a small dark spirit, Angie.

The kidnapping of several family begins and each division, and the possibility of providing grandson grow more and more, but the knot in the rope. I will stay here for all of you spoiler-hating samples (you can blame), but I say that this film is a dime a dozen these days, and unfortunately it seems that ABC channel can be passed is the time to change a piece of family language. It is very. History is Lucas, and CGI is reprehensible (The reason is that everyone who has had recent dark eyes and the expansion of the mouth)? And one or two hops up unannounced (can be more than that was almost falling asleep), and the conclusion is moderate in the category and meaningful.