Bulworth Online Free - Megashare


Original Name: Bulworth

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Date: 22 May 1998


Cast: , ,


The Senator Jay Bulworth US has no more desire. Professional success is the Senator from California just before the re-election, may his life, however, did not get anything more pure. Instead of looking forward to the coming electoral success, the commercials propel him his campaign just brings tears to your eyes. So he decides to take the most obvious solution for him to complete: He hired a hitman to kill him in the next few days and closes shortly thereafter a new life insurance policy. From now on, he uses every public campaign appearance to face the frustration of the soul to speak. He talks about the dubious machinations in politics, draws on the film industry here and do generally only that for which he is. He learns the young Nina who, in addition breathes his new lease on life. While Bulworths campaign adviser Dennis slowly doubts the mind of his boss who finds his lust for life again. Too bad that such a commissioned murder can really damn hard to cancel.