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Boxcar Bertha

Original Name: Boxcar Bertha

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance

Release Date: 14 June 1972


Cast: , ,


Arkansas 1930 The global economic crisis has a stranglehold on America and the poor population suffers from the tense situation the most. During this time also the 16 year old orphan Bertha Thompson must beat through life. She pulls the African Morton and the unionists Big Bill Shelly around the country and gets involved in a sexual adventure Shelly. After Bertha was a long time without Morton and Shelly go it hits the unionists on the run from the police again. Big Bill Shelly but is arrested together with other men and can barely escape an attack the was the chief of the railway company perpetrate among the prisoners. Bertha Big Bill Shelly and others swear to accept the railway company revenge.