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Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Original Name: Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 7 August 2015


Cast: , ,


The story revolves around Narutos son Boruto, who is the seventh Hokage. Since the film is a new era of rapid growth, the audience with new features more modern times, as a personal site Boruto, handheld games, playing with, and to find the big screen in the Leaf Village, technology is not the only thing that has changed, as the defender of these children can not be presented as an associate. It seems they can now choose your own color. As Hokage Naruto takes care of itself busy with too many tasks. It also helps with countless clones of himself, dark circles under the eyes are still, as it passes through an infinite number of works in the hall of Hokage. This is what it means to grow rapidly in the new Hokage? Seeing Naruto unable to return home because of the workload is definitely a chord, and I felt a little sad “about it.

Naruto worked, Boruto grow very brave boy holds his father. He is stubborn and fierce, I was a bit “upset just look at him! He can not be a simple and genuine heirs of Naruto character? It is very likely that his position as a son of the Hokage, he has what he needs to give this problem. On the other hand, if you look beyond the surface, it’s not hard to see that Boruto just need more attention and love for her father. It’s hard to look at Naruto with a tight smile when he sees his son to take an easy way to get the exact opposite him, someone without the same quality of Shinobi. Naruto position as a parent is really what makes the film interesting. Having lost both parents after birth, Naruto did not know what he wants his father. The ability to fight alongside his father did, Naruto never experienced the daily life with him, and not a model for the care of their children. He wants Boruto but insecurity and shame make it hard. Scenes of a father and son struggling in their relationship my heart beat faster. When Naruto finally, Boruto face and understand that only his son without him.