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Bilitis 1977

Original Name: Bilitis

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 23 October 1977


Cast: , ,


This story is based on Pierre Louys’ turn-of-the-century novel, it is about the awakening of a young student to love. It takes place during his summer holidays at the home of a family friend, Melissa. The girl, Bilitis, was shocked when he encourages witnessing his friend and love of her husband, but Melissa Bilitis to discover the aspect of love to see a young photographer, Lucas. When Lucas tries to woo Bilitis, waste runs to him and Melissa, and in terms of comfort Bilitis will itself react on her hugs and kisses. Melissa Bilitis nothing says that there should be more between them. Bilitis discovered Melissa’s husband is with another woman, so he decides to find another man to Melissa. Returns with Nicias, a rich young man who loved too well, and both Melissa and knows that they have a relationship. Eventually, Melissa and Lucas and Bilitis fans back to his school which is not yet ready to reach adulthood.