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Batman vs. Robin

Original Name: Batman vs. Robin

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 14 April 2015


Cast: , ,


While there’s only about a minute of Batman and Robin fighting physically, the story is compelling enough on its own and the action is fairly dynamic. The dialog is corny at times, and some moments feel out of place. There are some nice twists, good plot points, and a great look at some of the comics’ mythology. Very well written. The animated fight scenes were very well done, but it was the struggle of Damian adapting to his new roles as Bruce Wayne’s son and Robin that made it all the more interesting. One of the better DC animated movies. A direct sequel to Son of Batman that improves on Son of Batman in many ways. Batman vs. Robin plot is interesting and a new and menacing villains are introduced. That said Damian is still a rather annoying character at times and the relationship between him and his father never the most fleshed out but this is still a cool animated movie for DC fans. Son of Batman’s direct sequel is hands down one of the greatest animated movies ever made. Its a shame we only got two but the defining quality of these films are pretty much unequaled. Batman vs Robin is a staggering triumph within the DC Universe.