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Batman: Under the Red Hood

Original Name: Batman: Under the Red Hood

Genre: Action, Animation, Crime

Release Date: 27 July 2010


Cast: , ,


You’d be surprised how far Batman: Under the Red Hood went into darkness than the other Batman films – animated and live-action. Even though the reveal was predictable, it was how much depth the reveal went through, which shows that it was very well-written like any Batman films, same goes to the action. What also contribute to where the film’s standing is the voice-acting – by a really nice cast consisting Bruce Greenwood as the hero – at a nice tone that truly define the selective characters and their emotional state. With those qualities being said alongside the stylized animation, this DC Comics animated film is another impressive feat by standing behind The Dark Knight Trilogy when presenting Batman in a way that makes this the second best behind the Trilogy. This film perfectly demonstrates why the DC Animated Universe will always be superior to the DC Cinematic Universe. With great animation, great story, and wonderful performances all around, Batman: Under the Red Hood knows how to take its audience seriously without being borderline pretentious. For this reason, Batman: Under the Red Hood is the best Batman film since Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.