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Batman: Bad Blood

Original Name: Batman: Bad Blood

Genre: Action, Animation, Crime

Release Date: 2016


Cast: , ,


Batman: Bad Blood animated film is directed by the DC universe veteran Jay Oliva and stars Jason O’Mara, Stuart Allan, Morena Baccarin and Steve Blum. In the film Batman is missing trying to save batwoman and Nightwing and Robin are trying to patrol Gotham City and trying to keep it safe. Batwoman is trying to find the reason for Batman’s disappearance. Over the last 2 years, WB has moved the direct to video Batman/Justice League videos in a darker, edgier direction. The stories went from PG to PG-13 or flat out R. The biggest problem is that they were just not as good as the previous generation. This one is finally at a point where I can say, “It was really good”. This was a well told story with a mix of new and old characters. Damian is still a punk and has slowly progressed from before. I finally felt that Batman was shown as the true butt kicker that he is. The fighting is the best that any of the new series has had. The voice acting is really good. My dissapointment is that there could be much more character development. They could have spent more time building the connection between characters instead of going fight scene to fight scene. This was just short of 4 stars. I highly recommend it. Once again, not for little kids unless you are fine with cussing, an alternative lifestyle character, blood and torture.