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Bastards 2016

Original Name: Bastards

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 27 January 2017


Cast: , ,


A twin-pair must say with great terror, that her mother lied for years in terms of their biological father. Actually thought both that this was dead, but now they find out that her father is still alive. Make yourself than on a journey to, from which they do not know what will be available at the end for them. Dennis, Director Bo Position and white material, is a master of the slow burn mood piece, but here plays a game with the kind – although I would not say exactly what eased. Bastards are essentially a film of black cinema: There is a man the desire for revenge, gun loaded, and outstanding debt, and the city that after sunset, you can swallow whole. But for this kind allow us to know more or less what to expect, and we can put at ease, which is the last thing Dennis wanted to do. So he’s left hanging secrets questions unresolved. After seeing is not certain that you fully understand what happened, and you’re not sure you want.