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Babylon A.D.

Original Name: Babylon A.D.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Release Date: Bulunamadi


Cast: , ,


Mankind has plunged into chaos by countless wars and other disasters in the near future. Toorop, hulking war veteran and mercenary who lives in Kazakhstan and must daily fight for survival. Alone, he lives in a rundown apartment, he only struggle to survive. Because it makes the influential mafia godfather Gorsky, a tempting offer. Toorop is the Aurora, who grew up behind monastery walls, without prejudice to bring to New York. As a reward is offered a new start in America in view. First, the disillusioned longer regarded the order as yet purely routine job he wants to bring fast behind him. But soon accumulate the oddities: On a market place, there is a fatal explosion, before the girl had recently warned. Toorop learns that Aurora in New York is to be handed over to a mysterious sect and doubts therefore increasing its task.