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Baaghi 2016

Original Name: Baaghi

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 29 April 2016


Cast: ,


Baaghi 2016 is an empty vessel slickly packaged film. The action choreography is fantastic, the sights look beautiful in glossy camera, impressive art design, well-dressed cast. Scratch the surface beautiful, though, and you get a little “dated, cliched plot hero, heroine, villains and comic compartmentalizes in Hindi movies made during the 1970s and 1980s.The story begins in Bangkok threatening lair of a thief named Raghav Shetty, seeks Both Khurana. Cut to Hyderabad where shooting for a film directed by her father when armed men Number One bad his kidnapping. Martial arts expert Ronnie Singh called to rescue the girl in distress. Ronnie and both have a past. Time for explanatory flashbacks.

The action of Baaghi 2016 movie deserves a standing ovation. Rigorous hard work that Tiger has perfected his fighting style is visible to all. But that’s pretty much where it ends. Shroff’s light with their hands and feet and body when you hit people or break your bones, but you ask him to act, and that’s where everything falls apart. As for Shraddha, who does a great job when lighting the screen. Like his previous films, so their viewers feel pain or anger or joy is a huge task for these Kapoor. His action scenes are commendable. Sudheer Babu threatens part that the evil of this love story. Despite all the great action scenes are Raghav is fear desired ring in public. Sunil Grover offers several light moments. His years making people laugh on the small screen is useful in performing this task on the big screen will make Baaghi 2016 successful.