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Avatar 2

Original Name: Avatar 2

Genre: Trailer

Release Date: 25 December 2017


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According to an article published in the LA Times Interview Cameron spoke of in “Avatar 2” also the other moons like Pandora the gas giant Polyphemus surrounded to want to explore. These Cameron: “We have some ideas about how we could get through to the other Polyphemus-moons and the solar system Alpha Centauri A (ACA).” What is certain is that a considerable part of the sequel will play under water.

Additionally told Cameron colleagues from Coming Soon, how much “Avatar” from the outset was designed as a potential franchise: “When I got the idea presented to the studio in front of four and a half years, I told them that we a lot of money and sweat not only in a would invest film, but also in values. The 3D models of every stone, from each plant and of all the different creatures are worth millions. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to think about the potential start of a franchise.