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Ava’s Impossible Things

Original Name: Ava's Impossible Things

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 16 July 2016


Cast: , ,


Tired of possession and exorcism movies? You need to give Ava’s Possessions a chance. Not only does it put a completely new spin on the concept, but it’s also a downright brilliant idea that could sustain far more than 89 minutes of screen time. Louisa Krause leads as the title character, Ava. The film begins during the tail end of her exorcism. Father Merrino extracts the demon and Ava takes controls of her body again, but she can’t recall a single thing that happened since the start of her possession – and a lot of things happened. Now she’s being charged with a variety of crimes including property damage, assault, indecent exposure and more. Even though none of it was really her fault, the only way she can get out of serving jail time is by participating in Spirit Possessions Anonymous, a group treatment program designed to help the formerly possessed prevent it from happening again.