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Original Name: Arrival

Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: 11 November 2016


Cast: , ,


Director Denis Villenueve brings us a rather different film that proves that bold new takes on familiar films can pay off in his latest film: Arrival. While not much was revealed in the trailers, believe me when I say that Arrival is well worth your time and stands as one of the most visceral and outstanding film experiences in years. Out of respect for the filmmakers who have taken much effort in concealing this film’s secrets, I will only discuss what is revealed in the trailers. With that said, lets dive into one of 2016?s best films. The key to any great film is to take a cliche and turn it in a way to make a story feel original and that is just what Eric Heisserer did with this screenplay. The story here is very simple but so intricately detailed that you simply can’t help but get invested in this film. The plot revolves around a linguist, named Louise Banks, who gets recruited by the government to make contact with aliens who have randomly appeared all over the globe. This is literally the basic plot and the entire film with her and her partner trying to make some form of conversation with the aliens. the writer’s decision to tell a character based story rather than a big action feature is just what this film needed. The subdued nature of the story as well as the character development is nothing short of captivating. To top it all off the payoff of this film is incredible with one of the finest twists in recent memory. The acting here is also phenomenal with Amy Adams starring as the main character Louise. Adams’ delivery is spectacular with so much heart and drama that she has you pulling for her all the way through the film.

Jeremy Renner plays her partner and provides the necessary weight to counteract the areas that Louise’s character lacks. The two have impeccable chemistry and easily carry this film from start to finish. On top of that we get a great performance from Forrest Whitaker as well as Michael Stuhlbarg who represent the government in the film. The real star of the film however is Denis Villeneueve in the director’s chair as well as the cinematography and sound department. This film looks stunning from start to finish with shots that will warp your mind and give you chills. Not only that but Villeneueve’s pacing is perfect all the way through. This is a film with no real action of any kind but he makes it fly by with little to no downtime. Each scene is constructed in a way that you are in suspense and intrigue through the entire film and you just can’t help but get totally wrapped up in the events of this film.The sound is also chilling because majority of the film is silent with just the right mount of music throughout to keep you on the edge of your seat. Villeneueve always makes fantastic films but Arrival just might be his crowning achievement. All in all Arrival is a masterclass in scifi and drama. The story is written expertly, the acting is fantastic, and the direction, cinematography, and sound all blend together and are absolutely flawless. I didn’t discuss everything for the sake of the secrets of the film, so do yourself a favor and experience this film on the big screen for a one of a kind experience.