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Apollo 18

Original Name: Apollo 18

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Date: 2 September 2011


Cast: , ,


NASA and the US government’s super secret project Apollo 18. In 1970, Apollo 18, in the United States, No. 19, then 20 arc launch plan was canceled over budget issues by Apollo No. 17 is recorded as the last official inter-spacecraft on the moon. But in 2011, an unidentified call on the Web site of Apollo 17 video of 84 hours to prove the public and not the last probe raises the conspiracy theories surrounding the Apollo No. 18. 40 years hidden on first class now it turns out that the US government classified documents secret! John, Nate, Ben is three Apollo astronauts will be aboard the No. 18 for performing top-secret US government project. During the mission after being discovered the wreckage of the Soviet Union cosmonaut. They fell into disarray due to a mysterious incident that occurred one after another. I finished the expedition astronauts Nate begins to look more action. Indeed Apollo No. 18 in what will happen? They returned safely to Earth does?