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Original Name: Allied

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Release Date: 23 November 2016


Cast: , ,


Starring actor, Brad Pitt, is Allied undoubtedly the film about the First World War, you should plan to see. You should plan to see the film, not only because the film is worn by a famous actor, but also because the film has a potential customer to become interesting. Setting of the film World War II and was elected in 1942, a year when a number of interesting things happened in the world. Next Allied film is a film produced by GK famous movies, and will star Brad Pitt and actress circumstances, Marion Cotillard. Robert Zemeckis is the lucky director who has the honor of directing the film. Shot scenes in London and why some parts of London have included in the film. The film also shot some scenes in the beautiful Canary Islands.

The director, who is responsible for the management of the actors involved in the production of the Allies, Zemeckis, is actually the result of a great script written by the famous Steven Knight. Zemeckis also produce the film with two other impressive numbers. The other two people Zemeckis producing the film with Steve Starkey and his Graham King. The fact that the King has won a prestigious award for her impressive work Oscars, The Departed, makes this a film that many hunters pelican certainly wait. Pitt, of course, is not the only player that will also connect a key ally role and other actors in the film to play the famous actor. People Pitt and shut his co-star, Matthew Goode will Cotillard, Lizzy Caplan and Jared Harris. All three are undoubtedly players are capable and beautiful colors of the story that will tell the movie to be added. The three players, including the key to the success of this film that showed impressive acting talent and they captivates the viewer’s eyes, finally got ready to see this movie.

This movie, but a story that is set in World War II, there will be only of the war, because they are also interesting aspects that are not directly related to the war. This film is the films that people are fascinated by stories that tell stories of people that to happen should consider is displayed during the wars. If you like movies with institutions of war, but they love the stories in them, Allied definitely a movie should consider looking for a theater.