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Akira 2016

Original Name: Akira

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: 6 May 2016


Cast: , ,


The reliability of this group is impressive. This does not mean that the public can digest all threads boring. Producer and director of this debut film debut must have done an extensive study of exactly what you clap and that makes it interesting to repeat the hearing both the missing items. But Naveen Reddy in his first adventure is a good exercise; it is simply not done enough to win in the cabinets. In fact, the number of the last film in Kannada for his script together. The appearance of two beautiful girls – Priyanka Ganapa famous and popular actress Sindhu Lokanath does not add much value to the script. The conversation between father and son is the most interesting part of this movie. Yash he moved to the life of love in “googly”, also the protagonist of this “Akira” takes two years to bloom and father makes your company one of the ten best in the industry. When you return to the two girls – Sahiti and Lavayna also decide they suggest that life is more important than love. This is true and it is the right generation makes these decisions.

Like most directors, Naveen Reddy drew attention to his script. Past and present continue to increase in the future and these elements guessing and feeling of well-being, in the end, the interesting part of this movie. Young extravagant Akil has difficulty with the spirit faltering Saahiti. In a rage, he moved to Goa, where he meets Lavanya who becomes a good friend of Saahiti. Things are reluctant Akil, Akira, his father a tycoon. He lost four years of her life. Take the advice of his father and jumped into the business. He lives. His old friend Jaanu found a match for him. Saahiti is fortunate established abroad and Lavanya direction of the profession. It is a very good platform for Aneesh as the hero. We used the occasion beautifully. His style, dance, dialogue delivery, power, endurance, and action are good. It can take more action-oriented films. Krishi Tapanda is to see a good heroine in the coming days. The musical direction by Ajanish Lokanath did well, but the sound system in Anupama Theater is the main culprit in hard work. The location, in particular, Norway is a delight to the eye. The property must have been obvious. Even now, this movie could restore the 124 minutes to 120 minutes, avoiding inconsistent situations.