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A Simple Plan

Original Name: A Simple Plan

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: 22 January 1999


Cast: , ,


Hank can not complain: He leads a happy marriage with his wife Sarah who are just expecting a child, has a decent job and is popular with the residents of his small town somewhere in the Midwest. His brother Jacob and his friend Lou who are less fortunate, they have no money and no prospect of finding work. As Hank, Jacob and Lou are one day out of town on the way, they discover in a remote wooded area a crashed light aircraft with 4.4 million dollars to board, guarded by a dead man. The three take a plan: Hank will keep the money and they are waiting first off until spring, if someone asks tenure. Actually, a good plan. But after an investigator from the FBI snooping and it turns out the money as a ransom of two hijackers, is happening very fast.